About Us

As parents and carers we struggle to find support for when our young people with additional needs leave the education system. As young people and adults they're left with a huge void to fill after years of structured routines, schedules and activities, not to mention the anxiety they perhaps feel about the potential loss of bonds and friendships that may just suddenly come to an end too. 

This is where we can help by providing curated active lifestyle based activities and events, to not only help encourage and promote new skills, friendships, bonds and healthy activities but to also work with and support the often stretched and underfunded organisations involved in offering these much needed additional support services.  

By using a "circular " economy type based approach, we can not only help support the individual organisations involved but also the local communities, businesses and facilities themselves, by helping to bring in additional resources and revenue, thereby helping to try and uplift local communities where we can. 

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.